Thursday, October 17, 2019

Writing issues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Writing issues - Essay Example Even if I understand that a written message should be coherent and properly organized, I have realized that my essays always lack this quality. After a careful evaluation of my written works, I found out that I am not well organized, creative and thoughtful (Chandler 26). My efforts to communicate through my writings do not bear fruit since my messages are not arranged in a flowing, interesting and convincing manner. Most of the times, my points are left hanging without being justified. Besides, I find it difficult to use comma. As one of the punctuation marks, comma should always be properly used. It has a lot of uses that vary from time to time and from article to article. For the message to be delivered to the readers, it needs to be appropriately used. However, because I do not know how to use it, my writings have been confusing. At times, they even lose meaning as they are misinterpreted by the readers. In order to appeal to my audience, I need to be more organized in my writings. Meaning, I should be keen on the way I use words and phrases. A part from using conjunctions to make my work coherent, I need to properly structure my writings. They should always start from the introduction and end with the conclusion (Rogers 40). If this is done, the writings will be readable and understandable to anyone who gets an opportunity to access them. Besides, I need to learn to be thoughtful, imaginative and creative. Writing should not just be done for the sake of it. It should be a means of communicating to others. However, if it bores, no one would waste their time reading them. In this regard, I will have to ensure that I improve on these areas. They can make my writings to get the approval of the readers. Otherwise, I will be writing for myself (Boltz 722). On the other hand, I need to look for ways through which I can improve the use of comma. First, I should spend adequate time at the Writing Centre. Here, I

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