Thursday, October 17, 2019

Case study 3 Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Case study 3 - Article Example Harrah’s marketing strategy Harrah’s marketing strategy is guided by the principle of 80/20 whereby 80 percent of the revenues come from 20 percent of the most loyal and satisfied customers of a business. As such, marketing practices of Harrah’s have always been customer-centric keeping their preferences in mind and avoiding huge and unnecessary investments in infrastructure and property building. Harrah’s not only gained customer loyalty but also rewarded it from time to time which established long term relations with its customers. On the contrary, Harrah’s competitors had been very stereotypic in their marketing approach by spending frivolously on hotels and building properties without paying any attention to capturing greater customer base which ultimately swept them away from competition. Total Rewards Program at Harrah Harrah’s total rewards program, earlier known as Total Gold is a customer loyalty program which retains and tracks the information of Harrah’s customers and also rewards them on the basis of careful segregation of most profitable and active customers. In the context of business intelligence, this program retains each and every entry, exit or gaming information of all the Harrah’s customers and classifies them on the basis of their loyalty and activeness.

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