Friday, October 18, 2019

Family history Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Family history - Essay Example My parents would also take us out for a treat after these classes and this was another thing that made us always look forward to Fridays. Both my paternal and maternal uncles and aunts are also staunch Muslims and as a result of this factor, all of my cousins have been brought up to become Muslims. In retrospect, I guess that I never really understood what it meant for one to be a Muslim until my grandparents paid us a long visit during one summer vacation when I was about 9 years old. When my grandparents paid us a visit, I soon noticed that my grandfather had the habit of rolling out his prayer mat and praying up to five times a day. To me, this was oddly peculiar as I was accustomed to seeing my family pray in the morning before everyone left the house for the day and in the evening when we all got back home safely. My curiosity led me to question my grandfather why he was always praying. I will never forget the genial smile that he gave me as his old wrinkled face beamed at me. He picked me up and settled me on his knees and then explained to me that to him, being a good Muslim was not just praying and going to the Mosque every Friday, instead Islam for him was a way of life. He explained to me that to him being a good Muslim should be evident in all his actions and thoughts. As a nine year old kid, what my grandfather said to me that day did not really make any sense but as I grew older, I came to gradually realize the profound wisdom that was embedded in tha t short talk that I had with my grandfather. Although all my paternal and maternal relatives are all Muslims, their devotion to the faith is quite different. While my father’s family is quite devote to the faith, my maternal family is a bit more liberal and most of them do not pray on a daily basis and at times, some of my cousins sometimes fail to go to the mosque on Friday and instead stay at home either watching movies or playing video games.I once asked one of my maternal aunts why

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