Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Industry Analysis, Target Market, and Competition Analysis of Plastic Essay

Industry Analysis, Target Market, and Competition Analysis of Plastic Surgery Center in Morris County, NJ - Essay Example Plastic Surgery Center in Morris County, NJ is one of the most well-known centers in this region. The present marketing activity of Plastic Surgery Center in Morris County profiles as well as overviews industry and situational analysis. A comprehensive overview of the SWOT and industry on the whole give insights on marketing strategy to follow in order to retain existing and attract new customers, who would become regulars. Thus, the analysis identifies marketing problem and offers marketing focus, objectives, program as well as tactics for the marketing plan implementation. The final part provides information on evaluation and control of the marketing implementation. The Plastic Surgery Center provides beauty services to men and women. The main types of services are Breast augmentation, Breast lift, Breast reconstruction, facelift, liposuction, total body lift, Botox, laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels, different types of message, etc. Plastic Surgery Center surgeons pride themselves on superb-quality services with innovative and stunning technology that provide excellent value to the customers. Plastic Surgery Center has positioned itself as a provider of superior service and products to all clients at an affordable price in convenient locations appealing to all family members. The centre has managed to position itself on the high-end of the service providing due to high standards for its customers, who are specially trained for high performance and consulting (Black 44). The strategic focus of all companies in this industry is providing hairdressing services with the superior quality and value for the customers. Efforts are aimed at providing friendly, efficient service from professional surgeons who are well-trained doctors to make the experience memorable and provide for loyal customers. The efforts are incorporated with the Centre's mission and vision as well as with the corporate culture instilled in the team, which according to the company's belief are the things that can bring a big difference (Doyle and Stern 98). The Plastic Surgery Center vision statementis to be a great business that is based on principles of: Profitability Friendliness Creativeness Consistency Great Value Cutting Edge Community mindedness ("Practice Philosophy". 2009). The Plastic Surgery Center puts emphasis on its clients receiving a service of a great value. The goal of marketing campaign, thus, is to retain existing customers and attract new customers, who would become long-term regular loyal customers, by the means of primary services as well as pleasant additional elements, which range from prices to the superior professional and products in terms of provided services. Situation analysis provides an insight on the Centre's position within the industry as well as overview of competitors, customers, industry trends. SWOT analysis outlines Plastic Surgery Center key strengths and weaknesses as well as describes opportunities and threats that its salons may face (Plastic Surgery Center in Morris County NJ 2009). Strengths Established brand equity and name in the industry Strong and business committed franchisees Well-trained medical professionals with high standard skills and creative customer-focused approaches Convenient locations and physical evidence elements in the centres, which are located

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