Monday, February 17, 2020

Summary of Fat and Happy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Summary of Fat and Happy - Essay Example Mary Ray Worley, in her article, "Fat and happy; in defense of fat acceptance", emphasis's that there is another way of looking at being fat; that is one needs to accept one's body size and enjoy it. Coming to terms with your body size gives you the opportunity explore ways and means by which you can be yourself and practice healthy living. She states that most fat people rush through dieting programs in the hope of conforming to society's pressure of loosing weight only to gain it back. This is a waste of time and money and obviously not the solution to the problem. Hillel Schwartz in her article 'Fat and happy" shares the same notions above as Mary Ray Worley. She also asserts that its society that make fat people unhappy and discriminates against fat people like other minority groups. The two articles have successfully brought out the discriminations and the wrong perceptions of society about fat people. It enlightens the reader on the fact that been fat is no crime and accepting one's body weight is the best solution to the problem of being fat rather than going on numerous diets. Schwarz asserts that "What causes the most damage is not the actual weight itself, but the fear of weight.

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