Monday, February 3, 2020

Economic Development and Urban Revitalization Essay

Economic Development and Urban Revitalization - Essay Example Traceable to the reconstruction efforts envisaged after World War II, in an effort of reconstructing Europe, many new towns and cities became founded on this ideal (Bingham & Mier, 1994). As Michael and Robert (1996) allude, they were created around TOD communities with various TOD principles became incorporated into the planning and subsequent development of these areas. Half-a-mile radius circular planning has been the standardized measure between which TOD catchment areas were placed. This distance does correspond to a distance that is manageable, for existing populations to walk, in the quest of accessing transportation. The essence behind this is the provision of features designed with the intention of encouraging utility of public transport means; in addition to distinguishing such a development from what is considered urban sprawls. As part of a given region’s larger undertaking of community economic development, TODs do entail principles of CED strategy. This is primarily a strategic plan that aims at enhancing a given community’s economic development. This is informed by the fact that such strategies can be utilized in not only updating the region’s official Community Plans, but also zoning by-laws. This is informed by the fact that priorities based on economic development, often do have a fundamental impact on community policies; and specifically so, in regard to land-use planning. A professional in economic development would thus be majorly advantaged, having the requisite knowledge of CED strategy; to be further improved through TOD initiatives (Michael & Robert, 1996). In augmenting CED strategies with TOD planning as Fischer (1995) envisages, urban habitations are interconnected in a networked manner, via the prevailing transport network systems; thus enabling easy movement of goods and society.  

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