Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Amazing Edgar Allan Poe :: Biography Biographies Essays

The Amazing Edgar Allan Poe Edgar Allen Poe suffered from depression, which made his writings tragically beautiful, and if you lived his life, you probably would have been depressed too. He was born in 1809 to a couple of actors. He was two when his father abandoned him. His mother, unable to take care of him, left him with John and Frances Allen. His mother died soon after that. The Allens gave him a good upbringing, but never legally adopted him, leaving him as something of an outcast. Much of Poe’s life was spent struggling. He excelled in school, but was ridiculed by his peers because he was the child of actors. He gambled often and lost a lot, often remaining in debt to others. When the Allens came upon some money, Poe was sent to college. When he left he was intent on marrying Sarah Elmira Royster. However; when his debts brought him back home, she had been engaged to another man. He moved away from the Allenses, and joined the Army. It was during his enrollment his first book was published. When Frances Allen died Poe reconciled with John, and agreed to go to West Point Academy. He did not like the academy and soon dropped out. Estranged from John, Poe began his life of hardships. He was constantly in and out of jobs. He eventually settled in with his Aunt Maria Clemm, and married his cousin Virginia Clemm, who was only thirteen years old at the time (he was twenty six). Only six years later Virginia became ill with Tuberculosis and died after a long st ruggle of 5 years. Poe hit a hard depression afterwards, but then cleaned up for the final year of his life. He spent his last year working, and the circumstances around his death remain a mystery. He was found on a Baltimore street, delirious. The debate continues as to whether he was drunk, but some theories even point to Rabies. We will probably never know. Raleigh NC Discussion: Edgar Allen Poe has become known as the master of moody and hair-raising works. His work has been mocked, critiqued, copied, and redone by many (not to mention turned into a spoof by The Simpsons television show. The complete works of Poe number well over 100 stories, biographies, poems, literary analysis, and criticisms. Poe made the most use of his short lifetime if the number of writings can reflect that quality.

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