Monday, October 7, 2019

Human Resource Management Plan for El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant Food Term Paper - 1

Human Resource Management Plan for El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant Food Chain - Term Paper Example This research will begin with the statement that Aumsville is a quiet city in Oregon, USA. Nearly 87% people in the town are white people. There are a few restaurants like Neufeldt's catering the needs of approximately 3000 inmates. There are a few bars, coffee houses, and pizza centers. The population of Latino's, Hispanics and Asian races like Chinese people have been steadily increasing in the area for the past decade. These people come here with immigrant status for labor-oriented work in construction sites, industries and as domestic workers. There is no restaurant serving Chinese, Mexican or other quality continental food in the city. El Rodeo, an upcoming Mexican restaurant chain has decided to open up a branch in Aumsville to cater the needs of the Latino’s there. Mexican food is voted next best to Italian food all over the world. Spicy, traditional and nutritional, the taste Mexican savories have captured people of all ethnicity and age equally. El Rodeo strongly beli eves there will be a good response from the city’s white people as well as the other races in making the restaurant chain a grand success. The restaurant chain teams up with a Serene resort in the area to place their branch in the resort. The resort brings in several tourists to the city for a quite family holiday without any hype. They simply advertise â€Å"no adventure, no shopping and no thrill, just calm and serene† in their promotions.  

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