Thursday, October 24, 2019

Admission to the MBA Program

The European Union and the Government of China combined forces in 1994, to set up an internationally acclaimed Business School. It is the best in China and offers an MBA program that compares favorably with the best in the world. It has the unique distinction of being the only Asian institute to receive international rankings.This school is located in Shanghai and its faculty is the best in the field. Only the highly experienced and knowledgeable are appointed as teachers in this school. Its full time MBA program is excellent. Moreover, there is the added attraction of the comparatively low cost of living in Shanghai (CEIBS – China Europe International Business School, 2005).Globalization has changed the world and multinational corporations rule the roost. This has brought vast changes to the economies of the region. Further, in the Asian region, countries like China and India have proved to be vibrant economies. They are developing very fast and have proved far superior to th e previous Asian tigers, who in the end had wound up as paper tigers.This is the economic situation that interests me immensely and which has possessed my imagination. The Chinese with their skilled and highly dedicated manpower are making a significant difference in the consumer industry and to a certain extent in computer software. They manufacture high quality fireworks, cell phones, television sets and other consumer electronic goods. Moreover, these goods are far cheaper than the goods manufactured in the developed countries.In order to penetrate into this scenario in an effective manner, it is essential to procure an international MBA degree. Such a degree is provided by the China Europe International Business School. Moreover, I want to enhance my contacts with international professionals in this field, in order to gain a mastery over the nuances that govern these economies.The future of economic development will be in the Asian region and I want to be actively involved in th is growth. As a person belonging to this region, I will have the added advantage of being able to identify pockets of potential economic growth. This will make me very good at identifying investment opportunities. In addition, I would like to start an investment fund in Asia, which would cater to the needs of the American investors.I have quite a bit of experience in managing in the most difficult of situations. I was posted as a Non – Commissioned Officer in the Marine Corp. I used to head a thirteen man platoon of marines on daily patrols in Iraq. In addition, to completing my set mission with minimum loss to my platoon, I also used to play the role of the platoon translator, due to my knowledge of Arabic, and I used to liaison with the Iraqis.This stint in the army, under the most adverse of conditions, made me an expert in managing situations, where most of the mistakes had a fatal outcome. This taught me to work without committing mistakes. Prior to my tenure in the army , I had worked with the Central Intelligence Agency. In addition, I have a BBA in finance from the University of Texas at Austin. Moreover, I am an acknowledged authority in dispute advisory services, complex data management, claims management and bankruptcy.Financial modeling is not only complex but also fascinating; I had the opportunity to create an invaluable tool for a billion dollar insurance entity. This tool was instrumental in analyzing policies in the tens of thousands, in order to establish the adequacy of the amount of premium being charged.Another area of my expertise is in the application of Oracle to finance and accounting. In this endeavor, I developed reporting functions for a telecom company, whose turnover was in billions. This company’s offline production database was developed by me. Moreover, I was actively involved in the preparation of a number of crucial reports for the management of that company.In another instance, I used my skill with databases to develop a very useful database for a health insurance company. In this project I used Oracle as well Access. I am very well up in financial consulting and had assisted a multinational banking corporation. In addition to my proficiency with Arabic I am also very well up with Mandarin Chinese.This is just a sampling of my numerous achievements and it goes without saying that I possess quite a bit of practical knowledge regarding management and business administration. It is my heartfelt desire to enhance my practical knowledge in these subjects with exemplary theoretical knowledge and an MBA from the China Europe International Business School would be extremely useful in this regard.ReferencesCEIBS – China Europe International Business School. (2005). Retrieved January 29, 2008, from hobsons MBA

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