Saturday, September 7, 2019

Strengths-Based Leadership Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Strengths-Based Leadership - Term Paper Example Additionally, this paper explicates strategies for applying my leadership strengths in a health care organization to improve quality and safety. My top five strengths include restorative, responsibility, empathy, relator, and belief. The healthcare profession is today faced with many problems that hinder the provision of quality and safe care. In laymans terms, restorative strength is the ability to solve problems. This strength enables me to decipher challenges that affect provision of safe and quality care and therefore formulate new strategies to address them. Laureate Education (2013) asserts that health care professionals are provide care for patients from different age groups, different educational levels, and different levels of understanding. In this regard, my responsibility strength enables me to handle patients presenting with divergent needs with the highest of quality. Being responsible means that I value my responsibilities in relation to provision of quality and safe care. Empathy as a strength also helps me in provision of quality and safe care to patients. In explication, empathy is compassion or kindness. B eing kind means being sensitive of the needs of the patients and therefore, this strength helps me align care with the safety and quality needs of the patients. Being a relator denotes my ability to create and foster good and healthy relationship with my colleagues. Good relationships enhances teamwork and collaboration and as a result leads to improved job satisfaction. This also contributes to the provision of quality and safe care as all stakeholders work as a team. In relation to my strength of belief, I consider my job of more importance than the financial benefits I get from it. This means that I focus much of my attention on the welfare of the patients and in so doing, I achieve the highest possible performance in terms of provision of

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