Friday, September 13, 2019

Select 2 examples of architecture that best reflect the architectural Essay

Select 2 examples of architecture that best reflect the architectural styles. It is preferable that you choose one western ans one non western example - Essay Example The project has been carried out in a total built up area of more than 330,000 square meters (Doha City, 2013). The facility encompasses a number of goals that include world-class leisure destination, exciting retail and entertainment experience, and international standard services. The mall provides a wide range of services to visitors ranging from basic shopping grounds to high-class entertainment joints. The shopping mall appreciates the need for spatial flexibility incorporating a number of features to allow its maximum usage. This has called for the development of a clear-span space border structures that mainly encompass the entertainment and cinema areas. The fllor structure is as shown below. The mall has been constructed in such a way to allow easy direction strategies. The built-up area involves five levels of facilities that may be accessed from the car park spaces on the basement and roof-top floors. Adequate space has also been allowed for shoppers to access the different businesses within the complex. The retail mall offers a wide range of services from its structural and enhanced stores. This has required a wide range of architectural structures to allow accessibility as well as lighting standards. The construction design serves to satisfy the urban morphology. The design superimposes a defined orthogonal street framework that takes an informal lattice (Doha City, 2013). This accommodates today’s vehicular movement, allowing well-structured walkways that provide intricate spaces that are in line with both Muslim and Islamic vernacular (Doha City, 2013). In addition, the design incorporates an integrated transport and microclimatic strategy. The strategic design enables the mall to capture the sea breeze while reducing ambient temperatures through shading the neighboring streets. The shopping mall occupies a floor of 145,000 square meters and acts as one of the largest shopping malls in Phillipines and within the

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