Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 6

Case Study Example elementary school, I have analyzed that it is essential to develop innovative facilities for the students to enhance the portfolio and demand in the market among others. Along with this, it might be also worth trying to introduce varied types of extra-curricular activities such as lab and library facilities, an Accelerated Reader Program to develop the joy of reading among students and character education classroom programs to enhance the inner skills and talents of the students. Only then, the dominance of the school may be maintained in such a competitive market scenario as compared to others. Along with this, the profit margin and sales might be enhanced resulting in amplification of the brand equity in the market. Side by side, the market value and reputation of the organization might also be enhanced among other rivals in the market (Sadler, 2003). Only then the mission statement of the Maryland elementary school of becoming the top player in this sector might get fulfilled as compared to others in the market. Side by side, its range of students might also get enhanced day by day very rapidly. Trait theory: It is an approach describing the personalities of human beings. It is essential, because on the basis of his or her personality traits, I might approach the person for further discussion regarding the prospects of the goals in this competitive scenario. For example, this theory might also prove effective in understanding the personality traits of the senior managers and the administrators enrolled below me for the fulfillment of this task. Thus, it may be stated that trait theory of leadership is extremely essential for any leader or members of any organization or group. So, it is extremely essential for the leaders to attain a definite type of skills and traits to accomplish the objectives or goals (Sadler, 2003). Transformational leadership theory: This theory always tries to reject the personal interest and motivate the peers and employees to work for

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