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American History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

American History - Essay Example atural resources to initiate industrial revolution, the entire process did not receive much success mainly due to problems of transportation, in the second half, diversification among laborers, their respective demands, socio-cultural factors of their existence and presence of abundant population, willing to give labor, did not provide sufficient scope to labor movements and evolve of socialism in the American context. Stanley L. Engerman and Robert E. Gallman while genealogically discussing the history of industrialization in the United States has attempted to reflect upon the reasons that prevented industrial revolution from taking a flourish in the early 19th century: â€Å"The future of the American economy in the years of the revolutionary war and the achievement of independence was †¦ uncertain †¦.There was some reasonable degree of prosperity in most states, and if transportation problems could be overcome †¦ the economy had possibilities for growth and development. The economy of 1800 was †¦ primarily agricultural, dependent upon the British economy for many manufactured goods, and affected negatively by the British Navigation Act† (Engerman and Gallman 127). This observation becomes important in the context of the discussion because within this scope it discusses the constraints of commencing industrial revolution and the aspiration to initiate the same in an organized way so that dependence on the British can be reduced, consequently leading to strengthening the American economy. However, till 1860, despite certain shifts from the agricultural dependency to industrialization, no radical changes were observed in the total labor force of the nation and by 1960 only one-sixth of the entire U.S labor force opted for industrialization (Engerman and Gallman 127-28). Since 1860 onwards, the situation gradually started undergoing a transformation as it was becoming evident that individualize measured output in the manufacturing and service sector is

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