Friday, August 23, 2019

Writing a paper about "The Office" (us verison) Research

Writing a about "The Office" (us verison) - Research Paper Example Brown in response to an unsolicited repeat performance of a controversial, racially-themed comedy routine. It turns out that the session was held for everyone in the office, but truly, it was meant for Michael since he was the one who made the comments. Diversity is a concept that applies to all people in a particular environment, not just individuals who differ from the norm. It goes beyond just the differences to encompass the whole collective of people representing a group. Therefore, it also represents the similarities between people. There are a number of factors that can make up diversity – factors such as educational background, religion, union affiliation, seniority, physical ability, appearance, gender, and race. Some factors are organizational in nature; some are internal to a person, and some are external to a person. On its face, the diversity session that Mr. Brown tried to lead with Michael present was conducted very much of the surface level – only trying to address the racial insensitivity of Michael’s comedy routine. Instead, it misses the rich framework of other factors that define diversity in the office setting. In fact, Mr. Brown dismisses Dwight’s comment about homosexuality not bei ng a race addresses this point directly – sexual orientation is a facet of diversity that should be trained upon. Perhaps because, as Mr. Brown says, â€Å"we only have an hour†, he realizes the limitations of the scope placed on the diversity training session in terms of how much ground they can actually cover. There are a number of benefits of diversity, both for the individual as well as for the organization. At the individual level, increased diversity leads to perspective taking, intellectual engagement, and shared values with others within the group. At the organizational level, diversity can have a real impact on the mission of the organization by increasing creativity, system flexibility, and cooperation among employees. When Mr. Brown

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