Friday, August 9, 2019

The use of social media to boost event attendance Essay

The use of social media to boost event attendance - Essay Example Traditional method of advertising events was through posting mail cards, distributing fliers and making individual calls to invite the targeted audience. These methods are expensive in terms of the financial resources used and the time incurred in reaching the audience. Embracing social media in the marketing activities has greatly reduced these expenses since very little cost is involved in advertising an event over the social platform. One needs to only have access to internet and have the relevant accounts to reach millions of people globally. Furthermore the communication is instant since no time is wasted in passing the information and hence an effective mode of communication. The reduced marketing cost implies that the organizers of the events can channel those funds to improving the outlook of the event and hence attract more guests. The little expenses incurred can also prompt lowering of the fee charged for the event and therefore encourage many people to participate (Havald ar, 2010). Almost every cultured person living in this dispensation of advanced technology participates in online social activities such as Twitter and face book. This large audience is translated to a large attendance when the respective planners harness and utilize the potential of the network to the maximum (Wale, Robinson & Dickson, 2010). Many organizations have set a team of online marketers whose mandate is to publicize the event and educate the public on the strategies to adopt. The strategies include creating relevant groups in the Face book and hash tags in twitter and then inviting people to join the groups and twit under the given hash tags. The promoters are always influential people with a large number of followers in the social media so that they can affect a large population. An effective mobilization and awareness creation is always a

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