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Teens and Consumer Behavior Essay Example for Free

Teens and Consumer Behavior Essay Shopping, is a word often used in everyday life in the context of the economy, both in the corporate world and in our household. But the same word meaning has evolved as a reflection of lifestyle and recreation on certain economic class society. Shopping also has a special meaning for teenagers. Consumptive Lifestyle The word â€Å"consumer† (as an adjective; see the suffix-if) often defined the same as the word â€Å"consumerism†. Whereas the latter word refers to anything related to the consumer. While consumptive more specifically describe the desire to consume goods that actually less is required redundantly to achieve maximum satisfaction. Indeed there has been no satisfactory definition of the word this consumptive. But the consumer is usually used to refer to consumer behavior that utilizes the value of money is greater than the value of production for goods and services which are not basic necessities. For example as an illustration, a person has income 500 thousand rupiah. He spends 400 thousand dollars in a specific time to meet basic needs. Time 100 thousand she spent on a pair of shoes because the shoes he has to work is damaged. In this case the person had not called the consumer behaves. But if he actually spend on shoes that he did not need (especially shoes he bought 200 thousand with a credit card), then he can be called a consumptive behavior. This example is relatively easy to determine whether someone has been behaving consumptive or not. But imagine someone who has income 1 million, to meet the basic needs of 400 thousand and 300 thousand are used to purchase goods that he did not need, while the rest used Untk increase its capital in the business. Whether he can be classified consumptive behavior? Consumptive Behavior Teenagers For producers, the age group of adolescents is one of the potential market. The reason is partly because one’s consumption pattern is formed during adolescence. In addition, teenagers are usually easily persuaded ad seduction, like the bandwagon to friends, unrealistic, and tend to be wasteful in using the money. The properties of teenagers is utilized by some manufacturers to enter the youth market. Among teens who have parents with a well-off economy class, especially in big cities, the mall has become a second home. They wanted to show that they too can follow the fashion that are currently outstanding. And fashion itself is always changing, so the teens are never satisfied with what he had. As a result, there emerged a consumptive behavior. From a number of research results, there are differences in consumption patterns between men and women. There is also a trait that differs between men and women in buying behavior. The differences are: Men: easily influenced persuasion seller often cheated because no patience in choosing goods have a feeling uncomfortable if they do not buy anything after entering the store kegiatran enjoy shopping less, so often a rush decision to buy. Women: more interested in color and shape, not on technical issues and their usefulness not easily swept away persuasion seller love romantic things rather than objective quickly feel the atmosphere of the store happy shopping activities even though only window shopping (just look around but not buy). This list can still be questionable whether it is true there are different styles in the purchasing between men and women. In addition, studies have been done yet to get consistent results whether or waniata teenage boys who spend more money. Are Consumptive Dangerous? Actual consumer behavior in adolescents can be understood when looking at adolescent age sebaga transition in the search for identity. Teens want their existence is recognized by the environment by seeking to become part of the neighborhood. The need for acceptance and become equal with other people the same age that causes teenagers trying to follow the various attributes that are in. Teenagers in the development of cognitive and emotion still considers that it is superficial attributes as important (even more important) with the substance. What is worn by an artist who became the idol of the teen becomes more important (to imitate) compared with hard work and effort that his idol artist to arrive at his popularity. Becomes a problem when the real trend fair in adolescents is done to excess. Adage â€Å"bigger than the pole peg† applies here. Sometimes what is required by teenagers outside his parents’ ability as a source of funds. This has caused many parents who complain when their children began to enter the world of teenagers. In this case, the behavior was already causing economic problems in the family. This consumer behavior can continue entrenched in the lifestyle group of teenagers. In the process, they will become adults with consumptive lifestyle. This consumptive lifestyle must be supported by adequate financial strength. Bigger problem occurs if the level of financial achievement was done with all kinds of unhealthy ways. Starting from the pattern of excessive work to use IM as a way of corruption. In the end the consumer behavior not only has economic impact, but also the psychological impact, social and even ethical.

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