Sunday, August 25, 2019

Making Sense of the Size of the Universe Assignment

Making Sense of the Size of the Universe - Assignment Example The 21st century man believes that he may have to share the universe with other beings in other planets. On the other hand, one who has not heard of the latest discoveries would think he owns the universe; thus, making him feel very special and significant. One does not think that the religious views and beliefs should be updated now that new discoveries are unearthed. Religion is a matter of faith. It should not be based on any scientific finding. Religion is one’s relationship with God, the Supreme Being. Even if there are other beings in the universe, one must still believe and trust that he is special in God’s eyes. One may choose to believe that even the other beings in the other galaxies are also special to God. Christianity need not be updated because of these new discoveries because Christianity is not based on the number of planets, stars or galaxies. It is very hard, if not impossible to reconcile science with religion. The vastness of the universe cannot dictate upon any individual a change in faith. The universe, the stars, the galaxies are not the core of one’s existence. An individual’s existence and significance is determined by his own view of life and his belief on the Creator who made him p art of the

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