Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Data Collection and Analysis With a Real Teacher-Researcher Essay - 1

Data Collection and Analysis With a Real Teacher-Researcher - Essay Example The fourth observation was that, moving students’ seats helps reduce the number of redirections. The data shows a trend of reduced redirections; this is probably due to implementation of the steps suggested by Sienna from her observations. Increasing eye contact between the students and Ms. Steward, giving the students something to anticipate, and moving the students’ seats were some of the solutions to keeping them in check. Eye contact from Ms. Steward helped keep the students aware that someone is watching over them. Giving the students something to look forward to boosts their moods and keeps them in check as they wait. Moving students seats helps separate those who have become close to each other to avoid increased talks in between them. May’s graph was a student over time graph indicating a period of nine days. Referred to as the â€Å"five minute challenge,† It indicates the number of students that entered the class from lunch, sat down, copied their agenda into their notebooks, and were ready to learn in in 5 minutes or less. The number of students who could finish their tasks increased gradually from 11 on the first day to a maximum of 20 on the 8th day. This was probably due the task the students had to complete prior to the start of the class. The tasks helped to keep them on check. Based on the students’ response to the agenda timed challenge, May should create more tasks for them to complete in a short time every day. This will certainly keep them focused in class and avoid redirections at the start of the class (Hodge, 2010, pg.106). Anthony and Leah’s data indicates the time taken to complete four goals every day. The four goals were to write their complete agenda, answer the bell work question, put the pencil down, and then put their hand up to be checked. They recorded the time used to complete these goals for nine

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