Monday, July 29, 2019

Shurgard self storage Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Shurgard self storage - Case Study Example This work tells us about the founder of Shurgard, who has proven that goals can be achieved by proper investing and waiting. Shurgard Self Storage has proven its success. Like other business, it is important to create an image and allow shares. He created an image by creating a large lighthouse that could be used by customers to identify the business.Shurgard also wanted the services of the Self Storage to be similar and close to one another so they could be easily accessed. Easy access and fair pricing is a part of Shurgards business strategy. Sucess usually brings expansion. It was not a surprise that Shurgard had decided to expand. Europe had a huge market for self storage units. Shurgard knew what it took to grow and had a great chance at becoming successful in a foreign area such as Europe. Keeping the same business ethics in Europe should mean for a promising expansion.will be successful in Europe with the help of investors. Investors can help the company grow. Growing the comp any will allow Shurgard to expand its Europe operations and make more profit. They will only be successful if they wait for tenants to rent and give the self storage units time to pay for themselves. Current views on the firm’s expansion plans in Europe are promising. This means that an investor will need to help provide necessary funds. Expanding too fast in a foreign location could turn out to be unsuccessful. This is for many different reasons. Europe may only show an increase in tenants for a short length of time. If this happens, Shurgard will not do as well in Europe as the firm did in the United States. It is realistic to plan for an expansion if the expansion will be beneficial to the business. The management of Shurgard faces many expansion challenges. The challenges will bring opportunities but only if Shurgard can become successful. Challenges include, maintaining the storage units, advertising, and handling customers. Managers will be from another country and have to be taught American ways. Opportunities include expansion, and obtaining a good foreign reputation. d. The consortium is proposing to invest 122

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