Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Guns and school violence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Guns and school violence - Essay Example that any profile of a student shooter would fit too many students, since it has emerged that while some are children of divorcees, others are loners while still others are children of an ideal American family (Cavanaugh, et al, 317). However, the fundamental aspect of the Guns and school violence is the fact that; as opposed to the act of shooting the students being a snap action, the acts of shooting other students have been found to be premeditated and planned, since the student shooters were found to acquire the weapons well in advance, and even follow a considerable public path of violence (Redding and Sarah, 297). While some of the student shooters were found to plan their acts quietly, others were found to make their plans well known over a period of time, through consistent threats that eventually turn into the actualization of the violent act of shooting. The major concern is the motivating factors that drive the gun violence to increase at such a significant rate in schools. While it is worrying to think that guns can find way into schools and be used for violence perpetration, the truth is that the case is affirmative, and the incidences are even higher than could be anticipated. In fact, such occurrences have made many students and parents fear schools, preferring to undertake their learning at homes or in different private settings. According to the indicators of school crime and safety 2011 report by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 6% of high school students in the USA stayed home for the feeling of being insecure either at school or on their way to school (Cavanaugh, et al, 322). This fact serves to indicate how the gun and school violence have affected the education sector in the USA, and it is threatening to paralyze public learning, especially in areas where crimes and gang violence are rampant. The report also indicated that around 7% of students in school between 9th and 12th grade admitted to have been threatened with a weapon within the

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