Friday, July 26, 2019

Discuss the major problems a firm might face in attempting to Essay

Discuss the major problems a firm might face in attempting to standardize advertising among different countries. How might product branding be affected - Essay Example Different countries have different languages they use in communication as their national languages in their countries. For instance, most of the countries now are majorly using English as their business language. There are many more countries that use different languages like French, Chinese, German language to mention only but a few. This means that for the marketing manager to think of standardizing the advertising internationally, he has to first think of how the message will reach the audience or target market. Communication language is usually an issue when it comes to the international business. The language has to be translated into the national language of the countries among which the advertising has to be standardized. It is therefore very expensive to translate the adverts into the foreign language before it is advertised. Besides, the advertisement manager finds it very hard to effectively supervise international business because he may not understand the language at a gl ance. It is more convenient to standardize advertisement among countries with same language speaking citizens than those countries that vary in the language speaking. Communication media has remained a question unanswered when it comes to international advertising, especially international standardization of advertising. This is due to a number of issues that follows. First there is a question of whether the advertisement media is available in the foreign countries or not. The standardization of international advertising to work there must be availability of the advertisement media among all the countries into which the advertising is to be practiced. For example some third world countries have limited access to the internet because of poverty while others like United States of America have computer technology advantage. It means then that for the standardization of the advertising among countries to prosper the communication media should not only be available

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